High School Heros

High school and college blood drives give our communities youth an opportunity to give back to others and the communities in which they live. 38% of Texoma Regional Blood Center blood donors donate at area high schools and college blood drives. Currently, 35 high schools and colleges show this community spirit by donating each school year.

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Applications may be submitted to tjones@texomablood.org

Red Cord Community Service Program

Texoma Regional Blood Center is excited to give high school blood donors the opportunity to graudate with a feeling of accomplishment. This program acknowledges your act of being a lifesaving blood donor with a Certificate of Recognition of completion of 2 (two) hours of Community Service and rewards you with an honorary Red Cord to wear during your graduation ceremonies (if permitted by your school).  

Students can qualify to receive a Red Cord and Certificate of Recognition by making 2 (two) lifesaving donations during their senior year. These donations can be made at the student's high school blood drive or at our Blood Center located in Sherman, TX. Students who are not eligible to donate can still participate by recruiting 2 (two) people to donate on their behalf or you can volunteer at your high schools blood drive.

All students can register into this program by signing up with their high school blood drive coordinators. Red Cords and a Certificate of Recognition of completion of 2 (two) hours of Community Service will be delivered to your school during or prior to graduation. 

It is the hope of the Texoma Regional Blood Center that you as a student will make blood donation a life-long commitment to your community.

Tia Jones
Donor Recruiter
Texoma Regional Blood Center

About TRBC

Founded in 1975, Texoma Regional Blood Center today provides blood, blood components, and special services to patients in Grayson, Fannin and Cooke Counties. The patients from the communities in these counties, depend on TRBC's generous volunteer blood donors and dedicated staff to make sure lifesaving blood is available when and where it is needed. Hospitals served are Wilson N. Jones Regional Medical Center, Texoma Medical Center, Baylor Scott & White Surgical Hospital, TMC - Bonham Hospital, and Muenster Memorial Hospital.

For 46 years, Texoma Regional Blood Center has been committed to promoting excellence in transfusion medicine and related activities. TRBC is a member of America's Blood Centers, South Central Association of Blood Banks, is accredited by the AABB - American Association of Blood Banks, and is licensed by the Food & Drug Administration and CLIA. These organizations play a major role in communicating advances in transfusion medicine nationwide.

On April 1, 1975, the Texoma Regional Blood Center opened its doors for business and formally committed itself to provide the blood needs of the community. The establishment of Texoma Regional Blood Center represents the efforts of physicians, community leaders, and concerned individuals, determined to consolidate the blood delivery systems into an efficient program for the Texoma Region. It was soon realized that a new source of blood had to be developed to supply the Texoma area. Prior to that time, the primary source of blood was the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. It took less than one year for the blood bank to progress from a concept to a reality, through the concerted effort of many individuals and the overall acceptance by the community. Texoma Regional Blood Center was formed to provide the Texoma Region with the quantity and quality of blood and blood components needed by the patients in area hospitals and that is what it has done - met patient needs.

Schools listed alphabetically:

High Schools

  • Bells High School
  • Bonham High School
  • Callisburg High School
  • Collinsville High School
  • Denison High School
  • Dodd City High School
  • Ector High School
  • Era High School
  • Fannindel High School
  • Gunter High School
  • Honey Grove High School
  • Howe High School
  • Leonard High School
  • Lindsay High School
  • Muenster High School
  • Pottsboro High School 
  • S&S High School
  • St. Mary's School
  • Sam Rayburn High School
  • Savoy High School
  • Sherman High School
  • Tioga High School
  • Texoma Christian School
  • Tom Bean High School
  • Trenton High School
  • Valley View High School
  • Van Alstyne High School
  • Whitewright High School
  • Whitesboro High School


  • Grayson Co. College
  • Austin College


  • Montessori Academy

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